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Make Me Social – WordPress Plugin – Increase Blog Traffic By Automatically Submitting New Posts to Famous Social Bookmarking Sites

What is this plugin about?

Make Me Social is the WordPress plugin which will send each new post you make to the most famous social services. This practically means instant traffic to your blog as soon as you publish a new post, helping it to become famous in a few seconds.

How it works?

Make Me Social automatically submit new post to Twitter, Delicious, Tumblr and Diigo. Thus instant traffic to your blog as soon as you publish a new post, helping it to become famous in a few seconds.

10-15x more visitors and spiders in just 3 days

The chances are 99% that you are okay with them. You need Wordpress 2.6, 2.7,2.8 or 2.9* A server with PHP 5 and support for the curl and file_get_contents functions (they are supported by almost all the web hosting companies).

However, if posting to Twitter, Tumblr and Diigo does not work, then curl is not enabled on your host. If posting to Delicious does not work, then the file_get_contents function is disabled on your host. But as I already said, these cases are extremely rare.


The installation and configuration is very easy and takes only 1 minute.
  • Open the file makemesocial.php with your favorite text editor.
  • Change the $twitter_username, $twitter_password, $tumblr_email, $tumblr_password to match the credentials of your accounts on the relevant social bookmarking services.

Now save the file makemesocial.php and upload it to your wp-content/plugins directory. Visit your Wordpress Dashboard and activate the Make Me Social Plugin. You are ready! :)

Every new post you publish from now on, will be sent to Delicious, Twitter, Tumblr and Diigo. Good luck and enjoy your continuously increasing traffic!

Download - Make Me Social – WordPress Plugin


Edit Make Me Social PHP File using Notepad or any other software

Twitter Page Demo - Works Great

Diigo Page Demo - Works Great

Delicious Page Demo - Works Great

Future Plans

  • Dashboard Settings – We are working on user friendly dashboard settings
  • More Social Bookmarking Sites – We will be adding more bookmarking sites in 1.6

A new blog I created last month was getting around around 50-100 unique daily visitors. Although I was updating it often, this was not changing. After installing this plugin. You can see how the stats jumped suddenly. Now I get 700-900 unique daily visitors and it is still rising. Also, the visits from search engine spiders have increased from 20-30 to 300-500 daily. – Alex G

The best thing is that after auto posting to Twitter, lot of other blog owners are now finding my posts and linking to them. In only 3 days I got more than 80 original backlinks from other blogs and forums to my blog posts. Before installing the plugin, I had no backlinks at all. With its turn, this had as a result that many of my posts got a high rank at Google search results (some appear on the 1st page, just 1 hour after posting them to my blog). This was not happening for a whole month before installing the plugin, although I was updating my blog with the same frequency. – Nyk S

If you already have another plugin for auto posting to Twitter, disable it, else your posts will be twitted twice!


  1. Hi,

    I really love this plugin but I *hate* the promotional messages - totally spammy. As a company, we'd be delighted to donate or pay for a "professional edition" to show our appreciation but cannot have our account used for promotional messages...

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for writing us. We would love to provide you professional edition of Make Me Social plugin if you could help us with donation.

    Professional Plugin will be ads free and we will be updating it with more social bookmarking sites.

    Support -

    After donating please contact us ( with transaction id.


  3. Hello,

    Just installed the plug in and looking forward to build some much wanted traffic. If everything works out I will probably blog about it. Thank you!

  4. Hello,

    Your concept is good but it is too far away at the moment to become a paid plugin. Anyways, apart of missing dashboard..
    You need to do following:

    1. Response of submission from the remote services in form of LOG so that one can know whether it is posted or not.
    2. It won't work with newer delicious sign up as now it uses OAuth --.. > see :
    3. For tumblr, I am still trying to find why it failed.
    4. For twitter, if I don't have api and username, it is not posting link at all.

    Hope that helps.. :)

  5. In last point ie. 4. by api and username I meant api and username.

  6. A feature request I suppose:

    Is there a way to stop the plugin submitting A feature request I suppose:posts on update? I have editors who publish then endlessly correct spellings and add little details and the posts get published in all the social sites 2-4 times.
    If it's just a link that is posted, like on Twitter, then the fact that the content has changed has no influence whatsoever so tweeting 2-3 times makes no sense.

    Apart from that I like the plugin, although we have not seen much change in our traffic.

  7. I experience the same problems SMS has mentioned. Keep up the development - its a great idea.

  8. I`m using it now and it`s great, had a problem or two installing it but it`s working now

  9. If I post 50-100 posts daily the script will still work? Can I limit the submissions to 10 daily? Thank you

  10. Very helpful indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  11. The plugin does not have a valid header.

  12. Hi,

    I have noticed that the plguin does not handle special characters very well. For example whenever my post title includes a ' or a " it does several things:
    Twitter - stops at the special character so there is only a part of the title in the tweet and no link
    Tumblr - transforms the special character into something like ’

    Any chance of getting it fixed?



  13. hello,
    i have been searching far and wide for such a pluggin. Having so many blogs can be a pain when it comes to updating them and also social bookmarking them. I am sure you agree. I have had no problems with the plug in and i have seen an exponential growth in my traffic stat. Thanks very much and keep up the good work.

  14. There are a few plug ins that do this but probably one of the most popular is onlywire.

    You can get a free onlywire account or a paid account.

    Automated social bookmarking will soon be less effective. Google recognises the difference and very often just dumps the listing.

    Its much more effective to manually submit to a few sites like digg and propellor and then bookmark those links with sites like stumbleupon and delicious.

    Its kind of like social bookmarking silos and google will respond better and push your site up the rankings.

    Just my view....


  15. Hi,

    Thanks for the plugin. Is there an upgrade coming that will solve the issue of not handling special characters in post title? That would be great!!
    Thanks again.

  16. Hi there,

    Can anyone help me? I have just installed the plugin on my WP blog and am pleased about the few posts to my tumblr and twitter account.

    One thing I've noticed though is that in the Twitter account, part of the HTML coding <a target='_blank' href= is showing.

    Can someone please tell me how I can get rid of these codes which are showing. I understand this can be done in the area where we entered our twitter and tumblr passwords and usernames. I dont want to attempt fixing it as my knowledge on php codes is zilt.

    If someone has had this problem in the past, please tell me what you did so I can do the same.

    Kate, have you had yours fixed. if so Id like to know how you did it.

    Thank you in advance for any bit of assistance anyone will give.

    Kd Rgds

    J Maru

  17. Plugin still breaks on special characters :(

  18. can i add more bookmarking sites to this?

  19. Thanks for the plugin. Been looking for something like this all day. Everything work perfectly.

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