Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How Search Engine Optimization Can Help

Once you have got your domain name registered and your website hosting service out of the way, you want to be able to bring in visitors to your website. Now, the internet is full of possibilities. You can go around on every website, blog and discussion board and spam their websites with a link to your website or you can follow some simple tips to rank well and bring in quality traffic. Personally, everyone would be choosing the latter option. The first one is not bad, but it will hurt you quite badly; by banning your website from ranking at all. The one solution on the internet which guarantees quality, relevant traffic is search engines. In order to be seen by search engines, you have to optimize your website for them. SEO is a strategy many webmasters are afraid to approach, and they will consider choosing a company to work on their website. There is nothing wrong with hiring a SEO company, but you should know that if you try, you can accomplish what they do as well.

In order to bring in relevant traffic to your website, the search engine should be able to index your website with all relevant information. The information which search engines consider to be relevant are keywords and descriptions. There is a surely a short way to get your spot on the results page of a search engine. The method is known as search engine marketing (SEM), and it can be quite expensive. It works by paying the search engine providers to show your link when a relevant keyword is searched by a user. In terms of Google, people purchase Adwords. It is like buying keyword spots from Google. Every time a user clicks on your link, you will be paying Google a fixed rate. No matter what you do, this type of marketing will lead to a lot of spending. You could be spending that money on long term search engine benefits. SEO comes in much cheaper for a website owner, and it brings along a long term benefit for the website. In many cases, it is better than opting for SEM services.

Internet marketers are always searching for potential buyers, who will buy their products and services. In order to have potential buyers visit your website, they must be searching for your products. In essence, they should be your target traffic. Search engine optimization allows your target traffic to come to you, instead of you searching for them. When a user searches for a particular term, such as “baby shoes”, "best mobile phone"   you want to be able to rank in the top results, so that the user will click on your link. In order for the user to see your website, the search engine spiders must see you first. If your websites are optimized according to white-hat methods, there should be no problem for the spiders to see your website. The spiders will then collect all the information they need to help rank your website, and store it in the database. The next time someone searches for that particular keyword, it will retrieve all relevant pages, with one of them being yours.

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