Friday, November 12, 2010

How To Understand The Conversion From Analog To Digital TV

In a technologically updated era constant changes are bound to be noticed. Notable changes were seen in the world of television too. On February 17, 2009, there was a shift in the broadcasting division. Large television stations closed the broadcasting of analog signals and started broadcasting in digital signals. This conversion came to be known as “Digital Television Transition” or the “Analog sunset.”
The conversion was required as the all-digital broadcasting will act as a support to the communication channels of police, fire and rescue personnel. It will help them to communicate well and respond quickly to emergencies. For the consumers this change will help as they can get better wireless services. As digital signals are more comprehensive than an analog signal, television stations find it easier to broadcast programs at the same time. This offers innumerable choices to the consumers along with a high picture quality, clarity and resolution in comparison to Analog T.V.
However for availing the updated technologies you need to purchase the new technology. This does not mean that you have to replace your television set with a new HDTV enabled set. If you have an analogue set you just need to buy the set-top box or converter box that will convert the digital broadcast into an analog format. To reach the service to every household the government has allowed for a coupon service. You need to apply for a coupon by filling in certain personal information. This will help them to grant your application for the coupon.
You can also get the converter box from an electronic retailer. You just need to connect the cables and antennas properly to get a brand new digital TV broadcast in your same old analog television. However the conversion will just be from analog to digital broadcasting. If you want to enjoy a High Definition HDTV broadcast, you will have to purchase a television that provides for a high-def resolution.

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